20/20 Wellness Vision for 2020

A new decade has began and it seems as though humanity has found itself in a spinning vortex of health challenges from which there is no return. Fortunately the truth is far from it.

We are constantly seeing diverse sicknesses emerging whose nature ranges from genetic to extreme nutritional deficiencies and everything in between. This certainly compounds untold stress on people all over the world.

As social media and technology evolves at a high speed, people are forced to keep up or be left out. Unfortunately people are becoming overwhelmed with information overload, resulting in confusion, despondency and an inability to find a consistent resolution for their wellness challenges.

Now is the time to stop and take stock of the events in our lives, the challenges we face, and the actions we are taking to control and resolve them to our best of ability.

Wellness is something that we all can and should revisit regularly. We should ensure that we are providing our bodies the necessary elements to function, be productive and lead a relatively stress free life.

At our clinic we have observed clients succeeding with their wellness goals when they become responsible for and take ownership of their wellness. It is plain common sense.

Generally there are a few core elements such as hydration, holistic detoxification, abdominal breathing, taking core trace minerals and vitamins (which do deplete at different rates for a multitude of factors), and food and drink management, which we can employ to trigger optimum health.

On the other hand, commonly consumed inflammatory food and drinks cause an increase in symptoms.

It is important that the body has the right amounts of all of the raw materials needed for it to function and return the benefits that its owner anticipates. After all we have a functional body that requires regular stock taking on our daily life style including physical (wellness), emotional (environment, social, home, work, recreation) and spiritual elements.

If we equip ourselves with the key wellness elements then we can build resilience to cope with the ever-changing world. Regular stock taking enables one to stay in control, unravel stress and get the body to homeostasis.

For example, one simple change that can be made is to start seriously using a food diary. More and more people are discovering how much such a simple change is becoming a vital tool for tracking wellness.

As practitioners we are committed to the education of our clients to maximise their potential to maintain their wellness.

Please don’t hesitate to call me or one of our other practitioners if you have any questions! We’d love to be able to help.

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