Bev’s Story

I am a 76 year old widow. After seven years of looking after my husband, my health deteriorated causing me to need spinal surgery. Pain persisted and I needed the pain relief provided by Tramadol, Ibuprofen etc which deteriorated my health further, creating blood pressure problems, fainting & vomiting, and a depressive outlook. Neurologists, Physicians, Cardiologists and a Geriatrician all failed to diagnose my problem so I finished up on a steroid (Flurocortizone) and a Reveal device implanted in my chest to monitor my heart.

I fainted again and broke my hip. At this point I decided to stop my medication (of my own accord).

A friend told me about the Therapeutic Centre and I have been under the Centre’s care for some four months. The Centre identified my failing health using a biofeedback system and has been supporting me with the SCENAR plus wellness products. Today I am finally feeling WELL again. My head is clear, my attitude is 100% and today I cut 150m of Buxus hedge with no sore back and no medication.

I am so grateful — you know, we service our cars regularly but fail to service and tune our failing bodies. Wellness products are natural non-invasive care and my results prove that.

Thank you.

15th November 2010