Body Composition Analysis

Sometimes known as Bio-Impedance Analysis or VLA screening, Body Composition Analysis (BCA) involves a series of tests performed by a specialised device which measures impedance and reactance between various sites on your body. In combination with external body measurements this data reveals the percentage of your body which is lean muscle, fatty tissue, bone and water.

Once this is done we can help you to understand the results, and if required, work with you to develop a personalised plan to maximise your wellness.

Healthy Body Composition

Body Composition Analysis is an essential tool for people wanting to monitor their fat loss or improvements to their body composition. Weight can fluctuate due to increased fluid retention, increased muscle mass or fat loss, meaning you will often not see much change on regular body scales. Instead of using scales to determine if you are losing weight, BCA can take it a step further, in that, it can assess fat mass and muscle mass rather than just body weight. This is particularly important during a fat loss programme, as maintaining an adequate muscle mass is crucial for health, as well as in the prevention of rebound fat gain.

Cellular Health

Body Composition Analysis provides two indications of cellular health and fluid distribution which have been used over the years to monitor patient health in research trials as well as in a medical setting. Some variables measured by the system can even be used with patients who cannot be weighed or otherwise measured.

If used in conjunction with the patient’s clinical presentation and history, these variables can be used to measure the patient’s response to treatment/therapy and track the healing of limbs after injury.

Your Report

After the analysis is performed a report is produced which you can take home. It explains the results in a friendly, understandable format, and can be referred to down the track to help analyse your progress with your wellness goals.

Whether you are trying to lose fat, monitor your wellness, or simply find out your current state of health, the Body Composition Analysis service offered by the Therapeutic Centre is a quick, easy and fascinating way to start! Call us now on 0800 366 345 to book your appointment!