Mary’s Story

Weight loss has always been an issue, particularly as I could never explain why I binged on certain foods. I tried all the low fat and low salt diets that had become the recommended way to lose weight, along with the introduction of sugar replacements. I joined Weight Watchers (WW) and then Jenny Craig (JC). They helped but my goals were achieved only briefly before my weight bounced back. While with JC I figured out that a combination of Wheat and Dairy seemed to trigger my binging so I tried cutting these out of my diet. But WW and JC always advised the consumption of “Diet” drinks and artificial sweeteners, which means that I had been consuming additives for over 40 years.

As the weight increased it started to affect my breathing, making it uncomfortable to drive the car, do housework, D.I.Y., gardening or even shopping. In April 2004 I stopped driving to work every day as I had started to get Visual Migraines. I caught the train and although work was just a couple of blocks away from the station I had to catch a bus to get up the hill in the morning. I was, however, able to walk down the hill in the evenings.

In order to conserve electricity, most of my cooking since 1982 was done in the microwave, and more recently I had stopped heating my home with electricity, choosing instead to either use a log fire or, more usually, simply wrap up in extra layers of clothing and go to bed early.

I was diagnosed with Wheat sensitivity by my GP in 2007, and shortly after cutting that from my diet I found that I couldn’t tolerate any food containing Gluten either. Instead I found myself consuming foods with much more sugar than I had done so in the past, which pushed my glucose levels dangerously close to Type 2 Diabetes. The food choices which I thought were healthy were not.

I have been diagnosed by doctors and medical professionals with Gastric Reflux, Syndrome-X, Visual Migraines, Asthma, Tennis Elbow, High Blood Pressure, Impaired Glucose Tolerance, Wheat Sensitivity and Vitamin D deficiency. My blood pressure was regularly read at 140/90 or higher and my pulse was often around 100-120 while sitting.

So I rang a Dietician that my doctor had recommended to get a feel for what they would be like, and also the Therapeutic Centre (TC) that my boss had recommended. The Therapeutic Centre seemed to understand where I was at, and what my problems were, more than the Dietitian receptionist. Given that in the past Dietitians have failed to put me on the right path, I chose to visit the Therapeutic Centre.
The Therapeutic Centre ran two tests that immediately confirmed the problems diagnosed by various doctors and hospitals as well as identifying other problems that needed to be addressed. The processes were able to explain some of the underlying issues. I broke down in tears as this was the first time anyone could explain why I was not getting enough oxygen. My doctor had previously prescribed Ventolin (an Asthma drug) to assist with the symptoms of poor breathing.

The Therapeutic Centre immediately put me on a new diet with a customised protocol to help improve digestion, support the stressed major organs and ensure that I would get all the nutrition that my body needed and had been missing out on from my previous attempts at losing weight. They also gave me advice for how to introduce exercise at an appropriate level for my condition.

Over the next four months I have had several biofeedback sessions. After the first, the circulation in my back had improved – I was no longer white. After several more I had regained a pink flush to my body and more colour in my face. At the end of the first month I no longer required the support bandage I had worn on my right arm to minimise the irritation of the Tennis Elbow while I worked at a keyboard all day.

After two months I had lost 5.6 Kg and my body measurements were all shrinking – down 3 cm on Bust, Waist and Hips. I was given another supplement to ensure I didn’t lose lean muscle mass along with the fat. After three months I had lost 7 Kg. My hair had now become soft and silky where before it had been coarse with split ends. I was no longer sensitive to bright lights and am walking faster. People I work with commented on my weight loss.

After four months I have lost over 9 Kg, and the Therapeutic Centre has changed my protocol from a Detox phase into a Wellness phase. I have discovered that I also react to potato, so that’s off the menu. I won’t miss it as I didn’t used to have it often in the past anyway. The protocol has had a positive effect on my stuffy nose – I can now manage without a nasal spray. My family mentioned that I no longer seem to get a cold as easily as before.

My walking pace is getting close to what it was in 2005 before the malaise began. It now takes me only 10-12 minutes to walk from the train to work. The ridges on my fingernails are starting to disappear. I am regaining a gingery colour to my hair and I have lost ½ cm in the wrists – my watch strap buckle has moved in one hole!

Overall things are looking up!

1st May 2009