Celia Prosser

I found Dayandra several years ago when I had Glandular Fever.  At the time I was working full time but had to go back to work as I had run out of leave trying to recover. Exhaustion and stomach problems plagued me daily and I knew I needed some serious help. I went back to my doctor only to be told that I had post-viral depression and my doctor wanted to prescribe a course of anti-depressants. Knowing that my body needed some support to treat the cause and not just the symptoms I refused and that is when I found an ad in the paper for The Therapeutic Centre. I began seeing Dayandra and within 2 – 3 weeks my stomach issues had settled down, I had so much more energy and was feeling well on the road to recovery. By 8 weeks I felt like I had made a full recovery.

Over the following years I worked overseas but have kept in contact with Dayandra especially recently when suffering from Shingles. I had several things going on and had neglected my health and wellbeing and so it was only fair that my body sent me a message! I got straight on the phone to Dayandra who was off to a conference in the States the next day. He was totally amazing. He gave me a protocol to help me recover and organised everything from his hotel room… I remember speaking with him at 1am USA time… he had stayed up to ensure I received all the products I needed to help me recover. That is dedication!

I truly feel that I owe so much to Dayandra for helping me over the years. His passion and dedication are obvious and it is reflected in the amazing results that I have got while under his care. With Gloria coming on board to work with him The Therapeutic Centre can only be described as a health paradise. I shudder to think where I would be without the care of them both. I cannot thank you enough.

In Health
Celia Prosser
31st March 2010