Pain Management

Therapeutic Centre can offer the skilful application of a SCENAR device in order to relieve and/or manage pain, by our fully trained and experienced practitioners.

The SCENAR device is used for delivering non-invasive therapeutic treatment on the skin to regulate physiologic systems of the body in order to relieve and manage different pain-related pathologies.

SCENAR devices are indicated to be used in professional medicine and at home in the following cases

  • to analgesic therapies in pains in bones, muscles, joints and ligaments;
  • to manage acute and chronic back pain;
  • to treat primary dysmenorrhea;
  • or procedural pain management after timed endometrial biopsy;
  • to alleviate attacks and for course treatment of trigeminal neuralgia;
  • to relieve pain in diabetic neuropathy (diabetic foot);
  • to relieve pain in postherpetic neuralgia concurrently with antiviral drug therapy;
  • for pain relief in chronic/recurrent headaches and tension-related headaches.

Only in professional medicine SCENAR devices are indicated to be used

  • For postoperative analgesia:
    • in traumatology and orthopedics after surgical treatment of ankle fracture, femur fracture including hip replacement with an implant, knee replacement with an implant, after shoulder surgery;
    • after abdominal surgeries in inguinal hernia and laparoscopic cholecystectomy;
    • in urology after extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy.
  • In dentistry in comprehensive treatment of traumatic fractures of the mandible to provide analgesia, to alleviate symptoms and reduce treatment duration.
  • To manage acute pelvic pain in women.
  • To manage acute pain in renal colic.
  • To relieve pain after caesarean section and after hysterectomy.

Contraindications/Patients Not Suitable for SCENAR Treatment

  • Overly sensitive individuals, including pregnant women.
  • Patients with cardiac pacemakers.
  • Alcoholic intoxicated individuals.
  • Patients with acute infection diseases.

Please note, the SCENAR device is not diagnostic, nor does it treat or cure any disease.

In the Media

The SCENAR device was featured on Australian National TV in Feb 2011:

and again on March 31 2011: