Detoxification is a process undertaken to help and support the organ system of the body to excrete unwanted toxins from the system. Afterwards the excretory organs (kidney, lungs, liver and the lymphatic system) can function effectively and perform their individual tasks more easily.

Toxins present themselves in many forms and are found everywhere. For example, toxins can come from:

  • Environmental Exposure
    • heavy metals (e.g. lead in paint)
    • herbicides / pesticides / insecticides
    • plastics
    • vehicle exhaust fumes
    • second hand smoking
  • The additives and chemicals in processed food
  • Sick Building Syndrome
  • Microbes
  • Emotional / Stress-related complaints

and the list keeps growing every day.

In these modern times we are increasingly exposed to a wide variety of toxicity, of which we are not aware until our body starts complaining (often in terms of fatigue or a general feeling of malaise).

Detoxification resets the body for better performance. We investigate the individual’s toxic load and provide a customised detoxification protocol which specifically targets the elements of that load. There are also some situations where a detox protocol may not (or not immediately) be appropriate (for example, pregnancy). As this varies from one individual to the next and depends on their specific challenges and situation, we will advise if this is a concern at your appointment.