Alison’s Story

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease about three years ago by the medical profession. I decided to explore alternative solutions to my devastating diagnosis. I felt there must be more satisfactory answers to why I had the disease, especially at the relatively young age of 47. All the explanation I ever got from all the doctors and specialists I had seen was that they had no real answers and, to their knowledge, there is no cure. Also, as far as I could see, the medication they were offering me could at best mask the symptoms and give me some relief for a while, until they gradually got worse anyway and I would have to increase the dosages. At worst, the medication could have some serious side-effects.

With this information, I have never regretted choosing the path I am on now. That is, finding an alternative, natural solution to my health problem. I knew deep down there was a reason my body was reacting this way, but I didn’t know what it was. I was led to a doctor in Auckland who specialises in chemical poisoning caused by environmental sprays. His diagnosis was that I had been poisoned with accumulated 245-D which my father used extensively on the farm where I grew up. He also detected hereditary toxic genes called Miasm. This was in turn causing Parkinsons-like symptoms. He used accupuncture pressure points and a special device to detect which spray was affecting me, and he then treated it homeopathically. Although this brought partial relief, I felt it was not the whole picture. My symptoms seemed to improve while taking the remedies, but they would deteriorate when I was hit by another spray or two. I felt that I had no protection, and although the remedies were helping, (I no longer suffered migraine headaches), I was not making enough progress, and my body was under constant stress. I continued with this treatment for two years with some, but not enough improvement.

I felt that there must be more I could do. I had heard about the toxic effects of mercury, so I decided to have the amalgam fillings in my teeth removed. This seemed to make things even worse! I have since learned this was a very dangerous thing to do, as the process of removing them increases your body’s exposure to the mercury vapors.

It was now frustration and despair that led me to seek a solution elsewhere. Although I felt I was on the right track— that is, no prescribed drugs — my symptoms were worse than ever and I was forced to give up my job as a secondary school art teacher.

Knowing that there must be answers out there, one day while searching alternative medicine web sites, I came across an article about natural nutritional supplements that are missing in our diets. My first reaction was that this was far too good and simple to be true! That is, if you give your body the essential nutrients it needs, it will have the ability to heal itself. The problem is, we have processed our food so much it often contains little or none of these essential nutrients our bodies need. The use of sprays and pesticides also affects our food which in turn affects our health. Our bodies are designed to be healthy if fed the right fuel.

This led me to the Therapeutic Centre in Wellington. I have been on a comprehensive detoxification programme since January this year. Results from a urine test revealed heavy metal poisoning from mercury, aluminium and lead. This result was a relief in a sense because it explained why I felt so bad!

After almost ten months of detoxing, complemented by a personalized nutritional support programme including periodic holistic sessions offered by the Therapeutic Centre, a healthy diet with lots of vegetables (!), a positive outlook and great support from my husband and family, I am now finally feeling healthy! This has been a long time coming and confirms to me that I am on the right track. There’s still a way to go, but compared to how I felt only months ago, I am making definate progress. I feel my body is finally getting rid of the terrible toxins that have slowly compromised my immune system. Every day now, I have a general feeling of well being, increased energy levels, much improved sleep patterns, healthier skin and less stiffness. I realise that this is not a quick fix, but using natural methods and remedies will give my body back the ability to heal itself. My general movement is still diminished, but I trust even this can be regenerated in time.

I consider myself a ‘work in progress’.

14 Oct 2008