Rosie Reed

For the last 2½ years I have felt the discomfort of leaky gut symptoms. Also for the last 2 years I have had a fungal rash on my leg which spread to other parts of my body early on, feeling like shingles. In fact my doctor was uncertain as to what it was and gave me three courses of antibiotics. It reduced for a short time then came back with a vengeance.

In June 2013, I was visiting Wellington when I felt very unwell and sought help at the Therapeutic Centre. At this time, my nervous system was very delicate. I now had ulcerative colitis. The discomfort in my lower bowel was feeling like very rough sandpaper. The rash on my leg was raw and weepy. Both of these conditions made my body feel as if it was being eaten from the inside! I felt so poorly and delicate in every way. My immune system was very compromised and my thyroid was not really functioning. Earlier in the year, the surgeon had wanted to take it out in case the lumps on it proved to be cancerous.

With the supplements that I was recommended to take and the change in diet (eating very simply, lightly cooked vegetables for a start), I noticed a difference within a few days. The inflammation on my legs started easing (until I ate takeaway food one night and it all flared up again terribly). Over the next few months I could feel my nervous system getting stronger as the rash was reducing. I was given some cream to put on it which helped heal it from deep within as well as topically.

Towards the end of November the rash on my leg had healed and the skin smooth (I could now wear shorter skirts) and the rash which had formed alongside my nose and between my eyebrows had almost cleared completely.

I find now I can eat foods (in moderation), which I haven’t been able to eat for a while and which would set up a reaction. However, if I overdo it, I can feel the raspyness in my lower gut again.

It is wonderful to just get on with things and feel like a ‘normal’ person again. A feeling I have not had for a long time.

The staff at the Therapeutic Centre still make themselves available when I wish to talk to them and I am very grateful for that.

Thank you for your ongoing support. It is great to be able to get on with life now. I have been able to take on more work thanks to my better health.

Rosie Reed
14 December 2013