Our Success Stories


Here you will find a number of testimonials that have been volunteered to us over the years by some of our clients. Please note the following points with regard to them:

  1. We do not offer or provide any form of payment, discount or compensation to anyone in relation to the testimonials. They are offered to us with no strings attached.
  2. The testimonials are provided as written by the original author, except we have corrected spelling, punctuation and formatting issues, and
  3. We do not ever claim to treat or cure any disease, nor do we prescribe medications. In order to be objective, any testimony which we publish has any such claims removed first, leaving only the facts of the case behind.
  4. We do not recommend our services as an alternative to regular medicine, but instead as complementary to it. In fact we strongly advise our clients not to discontinue any course of drugs or procedures that they may have been prescribed.
  5. Any results mentioned here are specific to the author. Your mileage may vary.

Case Studies

We also include here some case studies comparing clients before and after they followed the personalised nutritional and lifestyle protocol we developed for them. Included are Before and After images taken from our Live Blood Screening system which show remarkable changes.

Heavy Metal Graphs

The following PDF documents and images show the results several of our clients have achieved with respect to their Heavy Metal loading. We send a snip of hair and/or a urine sample away to an independent laboratory to measure the concentration of heavy metals present in the sample. Then, after following our personalised protocol, we get another test done and plot the results for comparison on several graphs.

File Size
pdficon_large AW Hair Graph 200804-07 149.6 kB
pdficon_large SP Urine Graph 06-08 103.6 kB
pdficon_large KS Urine Graph 200806-09 115.8 kB
pdficon_large SL Hair Graph 03-07 114.2 kB
pdficon_large SL Urine Graph 03-07 63.5 kB
pngicon_largeBS_Hair_HeavyMetals 17.0 kB
pngicon_largeAT-Urine-Graph-AlPb-10-08 19.0kB
pngicon_largeAT-Urine-Graph-Hg-10-08 17.0kB
pngicon_largeAT-Urine-Graph-Th-10-08  16.0kB