Hakan Tegelind

Relief for chronic pain sufferers

HAKAN Tegelind was in such bad pain he could hardly get out of bed. The landscape designer has a history of back pain, so he expected to experience a month of intense discomfort before anti-inflammatories restored movement and normal feeling to the affected area.

But a visit to Wellington’s Therapeutic Centre, which offers groundbreaking SCENAR applications, got him walking in comfort within a few days. For London-based Tegelind, who was worried the chronic pain was going to ruin his New Zealand holiday, the session was nothing short of a miracle, he says.

After the first session my pain had gone,” Tegelind says. “After three days I had recovered – I could get out of bed, I could get my shoes on and walk around.

Tegelind says the application also improved a shoulder injury he suffered last year. After his sessions with the SCENAR he has recovered full movement in the shoulder. He has also had the residual pain, which lingered after conventional treatment, disappear.

I can hugely recommend the Therapeutic Centre. It is absolutely fantastic.

SCENAR uses short-pulse electro-therapy to stimulate the body’s natural healing properties and improves wellbeing. It is used to manage chronic and acute pain. It is also available for problems such as chronic fatigue, gastric problems, joint pain, migraines and rheumatism. Electrical impulses from SCENAR are similar to nerve impulses and the therapy is self-regulating in response to biofeedback from the patient’s nervous system. It is non-invasive, non-toxic, and has none of the side effects which are possible with drug-based treatment.

To find out if a SCENAR biofeedback session is appropriate for you, or to find out about the wide range of screening, analysis and health management options they can offer, contact the practitioners at the Therapeutic Centre in Thorndon.

As seen in Captial Times, on 28 Feb 2008.