Behavior medicine

Wellness is something to be claimed and experienced on a daily basis to enable us to dream bigger and better. We should be able to nurture and build our body each time it complains.

I believe we have inbuilt systems that are capable of coping with almost any circumstances. But we let our system deteriorate by not nurturing, nourishing or listening to them on a daily basis.

Some practical solutions to this may include:

Watching what we eat and drink – avoiding all inflammatory food/drinks. Exercising more. Developing positive relationships, making positive affirmations and positive self talk, maintaining an uncluttered mind, gratefulness, forgiveness, uplifting each other – avoiding toxic talks, quietness, laughing, developing a “can-do” mindset, and consuming evidence based plant based nutrition to build our body on daily basis.

It is all about building the mind, body and spirit. We can become problem solvers and the creators of possibilities.

I have observed that when people make a conscious decision to change for the better, they see positive outcome for themselves and their families.

No one deserves to feel unwell. It can be just a condition that is waiting for a change in direction. May it be a positive one.

This is, I believe, the essence to build strong families and communities.

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