How It Works

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Waist Management is not a “one size fits all” programme. Our bodies, lifestyles and health expectations are all unique, so we have designed Waist Management to take this into account. Before you begin the programme the current state of your body will be measured both inside and out and realistic goals will be set.

What We Measure

At this consultation you will be given your personalised programme of diet, exercises, and supplementation to support you on your exciting journey to fat loss!

Each Week

As you progress with the programme your body state will be re-determined and the programme adjusted accordingly. Each week you return for a brief check up, and can top up on any supplies of which you are running low at this time.

Each Fortnight

Each fortnight, during your check up, your Body Composition will be re-measured in addition to the weekly measurements, to ensure that the programme is working effectively for you.

Every Three Months

Every three months we will organise a fresh set of lab tests. These results can be compared to your initial results to verify your progress and improvements in health.

Overview Why It Works

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