Why It Works

Waist Management Logo 35x61Waist Management has three elements which support each other:


The programme includes exercises, but because it is customised for you, they are realistic, achievable, and can be updated as you progress. It is compatible with existing Low GI / Carb Controlled diets, for example, and will take advantage of your gym membership, if you have one.


A healthy diet is tailored for your personal needs, to support your body’s functions as it goes through the stresses of fat loss. If it is needed, the expertise of our practitioners can be brought in at any time to mitigate any negative side-effects of fat loss.

A proprietary protein supplement is provided as part of the programme which supports the retention of your lean muscle mass, causing more fat to be burned instead. Also, with more lean muscle mass than you would have if you just dieted, your body can burn more fat faster than ever, even when you are not actively exercising! This supplement is not available in health or fitness stores, and includes a unique protein peptide technology which maximises its effectiveness. It is not intended as a meal replacement shake.


To make sure that you remain healthy and are achieving progress you will be monitored regularly through the programme, and provided with ongoing support, motivation and personalised advice. Monitoring will be achieved through weekly face to face meetings, and you can upload your own daily measurements to your account on this website.

Overview How It Works

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