Does Nutrition Make a Difference?

I find it interesting to read articles and comments on the rising number of ADD/ADHD cases. I have found that an effective strategy for handling the problem is with proper nutritional support and by avoiding inflammatory food (e.g. sugar, gluten, wheat, soya and dairy). Avoiding the inflammatory food encourages detoxification and rebuilding of the gut.

In most of the cases I have met, the gut-brain connection is disrupted. In addition to inflammatory food, the problem can also be heightened by toxic heavy metal loading. Gut problems can even be passed down through the generations if there is no nutritional intervention. For all these reasons and more, many people today lack the type and/or quantity of digestive enzymes that are vital for the effective operation of the digestive process. I highly recommend food that maintains thee alkaline matrix.

A diet rich in glyconutrients, omega 3, antioxidants, zinc, vitamins B, C and D, is vital. Making sure you have the right levels of iron and iodine will also be very helpful, as these elements influence the metabolism. However it’s important not to overload on any nutritional element but rather to observe a balance so that the body can return to homeostasis. To maximise effectiveness a well balanced detoxification process, focussing on detoxing the lymphatic system, kidneys and liver, should be followed in parallel with good nutritional support. Here I am talking about a comprehensive extra cellular, intercellular and intracellular detoxification process.

Other helpful things are lots of positive affirmations, providing a comprehensive positive coaching programme for parents and caregivers, abdominal breathing and oxygen therapy. Exercises, interactive and repetitive activities are great. And as always the drinking of lots of water (especially spring water) is to be encouraged.

In our experience many people dealing with ADD/ADHD and related problems also turn out to be constipated. An unhealthy gut may be the source of many secondary issues. The right nutritional elements can be brought together to combat gut problems easily.

Dr Glora Hettige Ph.D.

Therapeutic Centre